Homework Ex 11 b

1.A:Jimmy?I’ve got a problem with my computer here at home.Can you come over and have a look at it?
B:Sorry not right now I’m in the middle my homework!
2.A:The teacher had a very small accident with his car this morning on the way to school.
B:Really?No wonder he was so unhappy in the lesson this morning.
3.A:At my dad’s office ,they don’t have to wear suits and ties on Fridays any more.
B:It’s not a bad idea .On hot day, a suit and tie is the kind of think that no-one wants to wear!
4.A:You know,Mike,I’m thinking about getting a tattoos.What do you reckon?
B:Well,that’s cool,I like tattoos.But Andy-you’re not supposed to get a tattoo without your parent’s permission ,Ok?

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