Destination B1 UNIT 30 Vocabulary:Body and Lifestyle

Word formation

bake — beker , bakery / թխել — հացթուխ , հացաբուլկեղեն
bend — bent / թեքվել — կռացած
cook — cooker , cookery / եփել — կաթսա , խոհարարություն
intend — intention , intentional / մտադիր — մտադրություն , դիտավորյալ
jog — jogging , jogger / վազել — վազք , վազող
medicine — medical / դեղ — բժշկական
pain — painful , painless / ցավ — ցավոտ , անցավ
reduce — reduction / նվազեցնել — կրճատում
sense — sensible , sensitive / իմաստ — խելամիտ , զգայուն
weigh — weight / կշռել — քաշ

A. Choose the correct answer.

1. A chopping his food / B chewing his food
2. A chopping meat / B chewing meat
3. A slicing the bread / B chopping the bread
4. A stirring the soup / B tasting the soup
5. A stirring the soup / B tasting the soup
6. A the meal / B the ingredients
7. A the meal / B the ingredients
8. A It’s very sour! / B It’s very spicy!
9. A It’s very sour! / B It’s very spicy!
10. A I like it spicy! / B I like it salty!

B. Complete using the verbs in the box .

1. If you ignore the doctor’s advice , you won’t get well .
2. Drinking a lot of coffee can affect your mood and behaviour .
3. It’s difficult to balance a healthy diet with a busy lifestyle .
4. I’d definitely benefit from getting more exercise .
5. You should limit the amount of chocolate you eat to one bar a day . You’re eating too much at the moment!
6. Does this cookery contain book any recipes for vegetarians?

C. Complete using a word formed from the letters given .

1. Sandy hasn’t been to school for a week because she’s got flu .
2. Fruit contains lots of vitamin C .
3. If you had to go to hospital to have an operation , would you be scared?
4. Take one of these pills after every meal for three days .
5. Ben couldn’t play football for two months because of an injury .
6. I got some dirt in the cut and now I’ve got an infection .
7. Becky always looks really healthy . She must get lots of exercise .
8. What’s the best treatment for a bee sting?
9. Have doctors finally found a cure for malaria?

D. Each of the words in bold is in the wrong sentence . Write the correct word .

1. It can be difficult to exercise at the top of a very high mountain . breathe
2. I know I should recover more often , but it’s not easy to find the time . exercise
3. It will take you a few weeks to completely suffer from your illness . recover
4. Both my grandparents cough from arthritis . suffer
5. If you have to breathe , please put your hand in front of your mouth! cough

Phrasal verbs

E. Write one word in each gap .

1. If you work in an office , you spend most of the day sitting down .
2. If you’re a teacher , you spend a lot of your time standing up .
3. I fell down on the way home from school and hurt my knee .
4. My dad has put on two kilos since he gave up smoking .
5. Do you think I should cut down much sugar I have in tea and coffee?
6. I’ve got a headache so I’m going to lie down .
7. My mum has had flu but she’s getting over it now .
8. This chicken smells awful . It must have gone off .

F. Complete each second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence . Use no more than two words .

1. I think I’ve gained weight in the last few months!
I think I’ve put on weight in the last few months .

2. This milk isn’t fresh any more .
This milk has gone off .

3. I hope James recovers from his illness soon .
I hope James gets over his illness soon .

4. You should eat less chocolate!
You should cut down on the amount of chocolate you eat!

5. If you’re tired , have a rest on the sofa for half an hour .
If you’re tired , lie down on the sofa for half an hour .

Prepositional phrases

G. Complete each sentence using the word given . Write between two and three words .

1. When there’s a flu epidemic , old people are particularly at risk .
2. I’ve put on a lot of weight recently so I’m thinking of going on a diet .
3. I don’t sleep well at night and I often feel tired during the day .
4. In comparison to most of my friends , I eat very healthy food .
5. I’m thinking of running a marathon , so I’d better get myself in shape .
6. In addition to all the fruit I eat , I also have a vitamin pill once a day .

Word formation

H. Complete by changing the form of the word in capitals when this is necessary .

1. I’ve never had a serious medicial problem , thank goodness!
2. Toby is thinking of taking up jogging .
3. My mum works in a bakery so she brings home loads of lovely cakes .
4. We used to have an electric cooker but now we’ve got a gas one .
5. It’s not very sensible to eat such a large meal just before going to bed .
6. This spoon is bent . I’ll get another one .
7. You look thinner . Have you lost weight?
8. It’s not Karen’s intention to give up eating meat completely . She just wants to eat it less often .
9. Over the last ten years , there’s been a reduction in the number of children being born in this country .
10. I fell over and my knee is still a bit painful but it’s slowly getting better .
11. Harry is quite sensitive so be careful what you say about his new haircut .
12. I’ve just bought a new cookery book . It’s got some great recipes in it .
13. The injection is quite painless . You won’t even feel the needle going in .

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