Destination B1 p. 128 Review 10

A. Circle the correct word .

1. You don’t need to go on a diet/cure . You’re not fat!
2. Chew/Chop the meat into small pieces with a sharp knife .
3. What infections/ingredients do we need for this recipe?
4. Stir/Slice the soup with a wooden spoon .
5. If the grapefruit is too sour/spicy , add some sugar .
6. In benefit/comparison to me , you get lots of exercise!
7. Does this drink limit/contain any sugar?
8. Sam’s in bed with flu/cough , so he’s not going to school today .
9. Have you suffered/recovered from bad headaches for a long time?
10. You shouldn’t affect/ignore the problem . See a doctor!

B. Complete the sentences by changing the form of the word in capitals .

11. My skin is very sensitive (SENSE) , so I shouldn’t stay out in the sun all day .
12. Do you want to come jogging (JOG) with me?
13. When I broke my arm , it was very painful (PAIN) , but now it doesn’t hurt at all .
14. There are lots of medical (MEDICINE) encyclopaedias on the Internet .
15. What’s the best way to lose weight (WEIGH)?
16. I put salt in the coffee by mistake! It wasn’t intentional (INTEND)!
17. All the knives and forks are bent (BEND) . We’ll have to buy some new ones .
18. My mum prefers cooking on a gas cooker (COOK) .

C. Complete the second sentence using the word given , so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence . Write between two and five words .

19. I think I’ve gained a few kilos over the last few months! on
I think I’ve put on a few kilos over the last few months!

20. You should reduce the amount of fast food you eat . down
You should cut down the amount of fast food you eat .

21. This milk isn’t fresh , so l’ll throw it away . gone
This milk has gone off so l’ll throw it away .

22. If I eat tomatoes , I get bad stomach problems . allergic
I‘m allergic to tomatoes ; if I eat them , I get bad stomach problems .

23. I hope your mum recovers from her illness soon . over
I hope your mum gets over her illness soon .

24. There are red spots all over her body . covered
Her body is covered in red spots .

25. I like the new gym I’m going to . pleased
I‘m pleased with the new gym I’m going to .

26. Could you tell me how to make a really good curry? recipe
Could you give me a recipe for a really good curry?

D. Complete using the correct form of the verbs in brackets .

27. If I’m still ill tomorrow , I will miss (miss) the chemistry test!
28. If I was your doctor , I would tell (tell) you to stop worrying!
29. It would have been (be) awful if any of us had become ill on holiday .
30. If you go (go) to the chemist’s , can you get me some vitamin pills?
31. If you don’t have (not/have) a healthy diet , you get tired easily .
32. If he haden’t done (not/do) some research on the Internet , he wouldn’t have found out what was wrong with him .
33. It would be great if everyone in the world had (have) enough to eat .
34. If you see the doctor , ask (ask) her when you can go back to school!

E. Complete using the words in the box .

Doctors are useful . If you’ve had a/an (35) injury while doing sport , they can fix it . If you’re ill , they can tell you what the best (36) treatment is . If you’re very ill , you might have to have a/an (37) operation in hospital . We need doctors for all of these things . But in (38) addition to what doctors do , there are things that you can do yourself in the (39) fight against ill health . Getting regular (40) exercise at school or at a gym will help you to stay in (41) shape . Having a healthy diet will also keep you strong . A healthy diet is all about (42) balance . It doesn’t mean never eating chocolate . It means not eating too much . And eating vegetables , too! The more we can look after ourselves , the less we’ll need doctors to look after us . And that must be good!

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