Match the words with the definitions.

Clever and quick to learn (6) bright
Describes someone who is serious and makes you follow the rules (6) strict
Not interesting or exciting (6) boring
Having lots of ideas and enthusiasm; energetic and forceful (7) dynamic
Describes someone who likes to meet and spend time with other people (8) sociable
If an adult is childish, they behave badly like a child (5) childish
Nervous and uncomfortable with other people (3) shy
Relaxed and not easily upset or worried (9) easygoing
Very intelligent (7) brilliant

Describes a person who becomes angry and annoyed easily (11) bad-tempered
Helpful and thinking of other people’s feelings (4) kind
Describes someone who likes to give presents to people or who helps friends by buying things for them (8) generous
Describes someone who is rude and unkind (11) nasty
Easily annoyed by someone’s actions or mistakes or because you have to wait (9) impatient
Not willing to work or use any effort (4) lazy
Not taking or showing enough care or attention (8) careless
Having a strong wish to be successful, powerful or rich (9) ammbitious
Humorous, causing laughter (5) funny

bright — պայծառ

strict — խիստ

sociable — շփվող

childish — մանկամիտ

shy — ամաչկոտ

easygoing — դյուրահավատ

bad-tempered — վատ բնավորությամբ

generous — մեծահոգի

nasty — գարշելի

impatient — անհամբեր

careless — անզգույշ

abitious — հավակնոտ

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