NEF Student’s Book slide 143 ex-es 1A/a,b
Home reading A Biography of Kilian Jornet / read the text, learn all the unknown words and be ready to present in class.

scale -բարձրանալ
summit – գագաթ
ascend – բարձրանալ
endurance- դիմացկունություն
ascent and descent- վերելք և վայրէջք

NEF Student’s Book p. 133, slide 143 ex 1A/a,b


  1. Do you ever send text massages?
  2. When was the last time you went to a party?
  3. Could you tell me if there is a bank near here?
  4. Who usually cooks dinner?
  5. Who do you like going shopping with?
  6. What don’t you like doing at the weekend?
  7. What kind of car would you like to buy?
  8. Do you know what time the concert finishes?


  1. How often do you do exercise?
  2. Who wrote Crime and Punishment?
  3. Could you tell me how much this book costs?
  4. What heppened at the end of the film?
  5. Did you enjoy your trip to Paris last weekend?
  6. What kind of music does Tim usually listen to?
  7. Who stol Mia’s handbag?
  8. Do you know when the swimming pool opens?
  9. Where are you going meet your boyfriend tonight?
  10. Can you remember where she lives?

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