Destination B1 p. 130 UNIT 31 Reported speech

A. Choose the correct answer.

1. ‘I’m a big fan of U2,’ Derek said.
Derek said he …. a big fan of U2.
A. was
B. has been
C. had been

2. ‘We’re watching TV,’ said the twins.
The twins said they … TV.
A. watched
B. were watching
C. had watched

3. ‘You’ve been annoying me all day!’ my mum said.
My mum said I …. her all day.
A. annoyed
B. was annoying
C. had been annoying

4. ‘The dog ate my homework!’ said Ivan.
Ivan said the dog … his homework.
A. was eating
B. had eaten
C. has eaten

5 ‘At one o’clock, I was having lunch,’ said Molly.
Molly said she … lunch at one o’clock.
A. had been having
B. has had
C. is having

6. ‘You’ll get wet without an umbrella ,’ Dad said.
Dad said I … wet without an umbrella.
A. will be getting
B. got
C. would get

7. ‘He can juggle five balls!’ said Angie.
Angie said he … five balls.
A. juggled
B. would juggle
C. could juggle

8. ‘You must give me your essays,’Mrs Vine said.
Mrs Vine said we … give her our essays.
A. were having to
B. had to
C. would have to

B. Complete using the words and phrases in the boxes.

1. ‘I’m seeing Simon tomorrow,’ Mary said.
Mary said she was seeing Simon the next day .

2. ‘We moved into the area two years ago,’ Bella said.
Bella said they had moved into the area two years before .

3. ‘Our teacher is giving us a test! said Michelle.
Michelle said their teacher was giving them a test.

4. ‘My dad gave me fifty pounds! said Neil.
Neil said his dad had given him fifty pounds.

5. ‘I scored a great goal yesterday,’ Marina said.
Marina said she had scored a great goal the day before .

6. ‘We saw our cousin at the fair,’ said Ben.
Ben said they had seen their cousin at the fair.

7. ‘I left my wallet here,’ Frank said.
Frank said he had left his wallet there .

8. ‘I’ll sleep well tonight! said Arnie.
Arnie said he would sleep well that night .

C. Underline the mistake in each second sentence and write the correct words.

1. There’s a mouse in the kitchen! said Martha.
Martha said there had been a mouse in the kitchen. was

2. We’ve won every match this year,’ Amy said.
Amy said they won every match that year. had won

3. I broke my leg two weeks ago,’ said Spencer.
Spencer said he had broken his leg two weeks agofor

4. We’d heard the song before,’ Rory said.
Rory said he had heard the song before. they

5. I’ve been working since four o’clock,’ said Dad.
Dad said he was working since four o’clock. had been

6. We’re spending tomorrow by the swimming pool,’ Belinda said.
Belinda said they have spent the next day by the swimming pool. were spending

D. Complete each second sentence using the word given, so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Write between two and five words.

1. ‘I’m going to bake a cake,’ said Mum.
Mum said she was going to bake a cake.

2. ‘Richard has passed his driving test,’ Andy said.
Andy said Richard had passed his driving test.

3. ‘We’re staying in tonight to watch TV,’ Jim said.
Jim said they were staying in that night to watch TV.

4. ‘I’m thinking of going on a diet,’ said George.
George said he was thinking of going on a diet.

5. ‘My sister lived in Russia for a year,’ Carol said.
Carol said her sister had lived in Russia for a year.

6. ‘I went snowboarding last year,’ Jill said.
Jill said she had been snowboarding the year before.

7. ‘I’ll call you tomorrow,’ Karl said to me.
Karl said he would call me the next day.

8. ‘We’re flying home next week,’ said Arthur.
Arthur said they were flying home the following week.

E. Rewrite the sentences in reported speech using the verb given.

1. My sister apologised for telling everyone my secret.
2. Ali denied giving the money to John.
3. Francis promised to love Elizabeth for ever.
4. Mandy refused to open the door.
5. Albert suggested giving Jenny a call.

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