1. She’s applied for admission to school law .
2. She’s got a diploma in marketing .
3. For homework I want you to write an essay on polluton .
4. We are studing hard because we want to pass CAE .
5. The book has exercises at the end of every chapter .
6. If she doesn’t work , she’ll fail all her exams.
7. Carla got a grade A in FCE .
8. You’ll be marked down for poor spelling and punctuation .
9. In the first exercise you have to match each capital city to its country .
10. Candidates must answer two questions from each paper .
11. The end of year examination was very difficult .
12. In our third year at college everyone had to do a special project .
13. He qualified in medicine in 1992 .
14. The exam results will be posted to your home address .
15. My favourite subjects at school were history and geography .
16. I took a course in English pronunciation .
17. You’ll be tested on everything you’ve studied this term .
18. It took a long time to write my doctoral thesis .

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