Watch the video 8 secrets of success, write your opinion, and add your secrets./1 or 2/ While writing your opinion you may also use some prompts and words from the video.
NEF Student’s Book Grammar slide 145 2A/a,b

145 2A


  1. The Dutch are very good at languages.
  2. The injured were taken to hospital.
  3. The system of reading for the blind is called Barille.
  4. The French enjoy eating good food.
  5. A nurse’s job is to look after the sick.
  6. I think are the Swiss very punctual.
  7. The worst season for the homeless is winter.
  8. There is a discount for students and the unemplyed.


  1. an attractive youngman
  2. dirty old shoes
  3. a puple stylish leather jacket
  4. a thin tall woman
  5. a long sundy beach
  6. a lovely new woodn floor
  7. a smart Italian suit
  8. a beautiful big dark eyes
  9. a friendly old black dog

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