Homework: Olivia’s story

Olivia was sitting at her desk, writing a story.It was about a far away planet,XR017.Lots of people were living on the planet and there wasn’t enough space everyone, so the President of XR017 sent five spaceships to find out more about the Earth.As they were getting near the Earth, four of the spaceships caught fire.Only one of them got to the Earth, four of the spaceships caught fire.Only one of them got to the Earth and landed safely.It was a person of XR017. They got out from the spacecraft, looked around. They were so surprised to see so many people. They asked the women were they were and she answered in New York. They decided to go to New York and they like New York so much that they decided to stay and live there. But the city was so densely populated that they could not live there and decided to move to another country. They took the map of the world to go to another place to live. The XR017 people decided to go to China because it is such a big country. When they arrived, they looked around. There were many people, many cars, factories. They could not live there. Then they went to five more countries. But they couldn’t find a more comfortable country. They didn’t understand those people’s languages. The people on Earth were very tired and never adjusted, and the people of XR017 decided to return to their planet because they realized that everyone had to live on their planet.

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