Homework:think 3 B1 workbook pg 9

1.Complete The words in sentences.

  1. Have you got a free minute?
  2. Can I help you?
  3. Can you I. me a help?
  4. Could you help me with something?
  5. Do you need any help?

2.Put the dialogue in order.

MIMI:Dad,have you got a few minutes?

DAD:That depends.what do you want

MIMI:Can you help me with my homework?

DAD:I’m sorry but I’m a bit busy.

MIMI:But you said you’d help me.

DAD:And you said you’d tidy your room-remember?

MIMI:So I’ll make you a deal

DAD:What deal?

MMI:Tidy your room and then I’ll lend you a hand with your homework.

DAD:That’s the same deal we had before.

IT vocabulary

1.Match the sentence halves.

  1. Have you seen that Brian has posted another message on the school website ?
  2. Before you start you have to key in your password.
  3. I’m having a problem installing this problem.Can you help.
  4. Send me the photo.You can attach all my holiday photos online.
  5. I’m going to upload it to an email.
  6. I’m sorry I deleted your message can you send it again?
  7. i’m not sure how to activate the flight mode on this tablet.
  8. it’s taking ages to download this file it’s really big.

2.Rewrite the sentences using the passive.

3.Liam:My Computer has been hacked.

Kate: what do you mean you , ‘hacked‘?

Liam: someone is being my computer from another computer.

Kate: Really ?how do you know?

Liam:A program has been that has deleted lots of my files.

Kate: that’s terrible.

Liam: and all my files have been stolen too.

Kate: so what are you going to do?

Liam: my computer is being looked at by an expert at the moment .He he said he could hopefully—- — The program

Kate :and if you can’t

Liam: he said I’d have to buy a new computer.

Kate: well if you do remember to install some antivirus software

Liam: yes! and then create some new passwords.

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