Homework. Destination B1 Unit 10 (Passive 1), ex. A-F

A.The words and phrases in bold each sentence are wrong.Write the correct word or phrase.

  1. Every year, several prizes are given to the best students
  2. When The pizza was delivered ,it was cold.
  3. you will be told when you can come in .
  4. that song isn’t played on the radio very often ,is it ?
  5. your money was stolen out of your bag ?
  6. we weren’t allowed to use a dictionary in the exam yesterday .
  7. that film won’t have shown in our local cinema for a long time .
  8. will I be picked up from the station on Saturday?

B. Complete using the correct passive form of the verbs in brackets

  1. When people are arrested , they are taken to the police station.
  2. Milk is usually kept in the fridge.
  3. Will we be told what’s in next weeks test?
  4. how did people communicate over long distance before the phone was invented?
  5. Will you be allowed to come to the party next Saturday?
  6. you will be given your exam results next Monday.
  7. Was Aidans bike found yesterday?

C.Look at The pictures and complete the sentences.Use the correct passive form of the verbs in the box .And any other words you need.

  1. At 10 o’clock yesterday morning ,the local bank in the high street attacked by two robbers.
  2. at one minute past ten the police called .
  3. A few minutes later ,the police arrived at the bank .The crime scene investigation was conducted .
  4. at 10:20 the robbers’ fingerprints …
  5. at 11:30 the robbers were found.
  6. Next week they were caught.

D. Answer the questions using your own ideas.

  1. Where are cars usually fixed -Cars usually fixed at mechanical workshop
  2. Where will next Olympic Games be held?-Olympic games will be held in London.
  3. Who are Oscars usually awarded to?- They’re re awared to movie stars.
  4. What are you not allowed to do at school?-im not allowed to eat in class.( I’m hungry)
  5. What were you given for your birthday?- I was given a hoodie and jewelry for my birthday last year.
  6. What will you be given for your next birthday?-I’ll probably be given an ipen.

E.Complete each Second sentence using the word given ,so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Write between two and five words.

  1. Will they send the letters first class?-will the letters be sent first class?
  2. I am not sure if they eat pizza in China .is-i’m not sure if pizza is eaten in China.
  3. Someone told me that they don’t make cars in the UK anymore.made-someone told me that cars are not made in UK anymore .
  4. Do you say usually feed the animals three times a day.fed-Are the animals fed three times a day?
  5. mr. Jones is ill. So he won’t give us a geography test today .be- mr. Jones is ill, so we will not be given a geography test today.
  6. did they take her to hospital in an ambulance ?she-was she taken to hospital in an ambulance?

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