11.12.20 Destination Unit 4, p14- all exercises


  1. I have seen this film already
  2. John and Julie have had their car for about a year
  3. she has not taken her driving test yet
  4. Sue has been tour guide since she left the university.
  5. Have you ridden into town on your new bike yet?
  6. this new computer has made my life a lot easier.
  7. We haven’t decided what to get Mark for his birthday yet.
  8. Has Paul ever met a famous person?


  1. I’ve never played this game before.
  2. Adam tidied his room last night.
  3. Have you lived here since 2005?
  4. Carol and I went to the cinema three nights ago.
  5. It’s the first time you’ve visited our flat, isn’t it?
  6. They haven’t given the baby a name yet.
  7. Did you go to New York when you went to the States last summer?
  8. Have you ever sent an e-mail before?


  1. The lesson has not started yet.
  2. The teacher has already written on the board.
  3. Joe and Tim have just come into the classroom.
  4. Tony has not finished getting books ready.
  5. Christine has already opened the book.
  6. Dave has dropped the pen on the floor.
  7. He has not picked it up yet.


Mandy: Hi Matt. How are you? What have you been doing recently?
Matt: Oh, hi Mandy! Well, I have been studying for my exams.
Mandy: That sounds boring!Have you been working hard?
Matt: Very! Basically, I have just been at my desk in my
bedroom for the past three weeks and I haven’t been going
out at all. I have been working with Michael, my best friend,
some of the time, though, so at least I’ve had some company. How about you?
Mandy: Well, my mum and I have been painting my
bedroom for the last few days. That has been fun! And we have also been planing our summer holiday.
Matt: Great! Where are you going?
Mandy: Well, we haven’t decided yet. We have been looking at different places to see which we like best.
Matt: I’m sure you’ll have a great time, wherever you go. Oh, by the way,
I have been thinking of having a party when I finish my exams.
Would you like to come?
Mandy: Sure! That would be great!


  1. I think I’ve heard / been hearing that song before.
  2. They haven’t arrived / been arriving yet, but they should be here soon.
  3. You’ve written / Been writing that e-mail for over an hour. How long is it going to take you?
  4. Have you talked / been talking on the phone since eight o’clock?
  5. Jo has already invited / been inviting Shirley to dinner.
  6. I’ve read / been reading an interview with Brad Pitt, but I haven’t finished it yet.
  7. Have the boys played / been playing computer games since this morning?


1.I haven’t listened to their new CD yet       Is it any good?
2.  We’vebeen waiting for you for over an hour.Where have you been?
3.   Have you ever been to the UK before?
4.   I’m afraid we’ve already made plans for this weekend,so we won’t be free.
5.   Pedro has been having English lessons since he was five years old.
6.   It’s strange that you mention the film Crash. I’ve just been reading about it in the paper.
7.   I’ve never heard of a ‘sudoku’. What is it?

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