Destination b1 (unit 1)

  1. every day Helen gets up at half past seven
  2. she often eats fast food for lunch
  3. she usually meets her friends for coffiee in the evening
  4. Helen watches a film at the cinema once a week
  5. rarely she goes to the gym
  6. Helen has a driving lesson twice a week
  1. is writing
  2. are losing
  3. is having
  4. is staying
  5. am not lying
  6. is always using
  7. are having
  8. are you playing
  1. am working
  2. don’t go
  3. is getting
  4. does Gary ever talk
  5. hit
  6. read
  7. do you practise
  8. are doing
  9. knows
  10. do you spell
  1. move
  2. are u watching
  3. help
  4. im using
  5. does/do
  6. u are not holding 
  7. belongs

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