Choose the present perfect or past simple:

1. I have never been (never / go) to Vienna .
2. My great great grandfather had (have) five sisters .
3. He lived (live) in Manila for a year when he was a student .
4. Oh no! I lost (lose) my wallet!
5. Have you seen (you / see) Julie today?
6. At the weekend, they played (play) football, then they went (go) to a restaurant .
7. I have read (read) six books this week .
8. Amy lived (live) in Portugal when she was young .
9. She visited (visit) her grandmother last month .
10. The Vandals invaded (invade) Rome in the year 455 .
11. She has lived (live) in seven different countries , so she knows alot about different cultures .
12. I went (go) to the cinema last night .
13. Ow! I have cut (cut) my finger!
14. Have you seen (you / see) ‘The King’s Speech’?
15. John has never understood (never / understand) the present perfect .
16. She broke (break) her leg the day before her exam .
17. We saw (see) Oliver yesterday .
18. He has been (be) here all morning .
19. They have lived (live) here for many years (and they still do) .
20. King Henry the Eighth of England had (have) six wives .

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