Destination B1 UNIT 27 Vocabulary Working and earning , Ex. A-I

Тopic vocabulary

A. Choose the correct answer.

1. Bob joined the … about six years ago .
A ambition B fame С pension D company

2. We lost £10 million last year because of the workers’ … over money .
A strike
 B department С collague D tax

3. I’m sure it’s good to be well known, but … isn’t everything .
A boss C fame B interview D poverty

4. Don’t sign the .. until you’ve read every word of it!
A industry В contract C staff D profession

5. Мy grandfather stopped working two years ago and now he gets a … .
A pressure B leader C pension D department

6. Charles worked in the same job for almost the whole of his … .
А colleague В manager С industry D career

7. You should be able to save a little money with a/an … of €30,000 рer year .
А aplication В income C leader D goal

8. Canlintroduce you to Isaac, а … of mine from work?
А profession B department С colleague D salary

B. Complete using a word formed from the letters given.

1. I had a lot more responsibility in my previous job .
2. Why not open one of our new Supersaver bank accounts ?
3. It’s always been my ambiton to work in advertising .
4. Frank left university and got a job in the computer industry .
5. The family lived in poverty after Mr Bucket lost his job .
6 His parents left him a lot of money and now Neil is extremely wealthy .
7. You usually need a degree and some training to join the teaching profession .
8. All members of staff here get three weeks holiday a year .

C. Complete using the correct form of the verbs in the box .

1. Isabelle really impressed her manager and soon she was given a better job .
2. My dad said that he wants to retire when he’s sixty .
3. We interview everyone who applies for a job before making our decision .
4. The government taxes everyone who works and then spends the money on roads, hospitals and things like that .
5. Wendy works hard for the company and I think she deserves a more challenging job .
6. I read recently that women still earn less than men for the same job and I don’t think it’s fair .

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