Ex 7. Look at a footballer’s diary and write about his arrangements for next week .

1. He’s having a medical check-up on Monday .
2. He’s going to hairdresser’s on Tuesday .
3. He’s giving interview for Daily Telegraph on Wednesday .
4. He’s fly to Madrid on Thursday morning and meeting Real Madrid on Thursday afternoon .

5. He’s having dinner with Sara on Friday .

6. He’s playing against Arsenal on Saturday .

7. He’s going to concert on Sunday .

Ex 8. Look at Cathy’s plans and arrangements for next weekend . Write sentences with be going to or the Present Continuous .

1. She’s having a driving lesson on Friday afternoon .

6. She’s going to buy a new tennis racket .

2. She’s playing golf with Sue on Friday .

7. She’s going to practice backhand .

3. She’s visiting Granny on Saturday morning .

8. She’s going to buy new clothes .

4. She’s going to a disco with Joe on Saturday evening .

9. She’s going to phone Venus .

5. She’s meeting friends on Sunday afternoon .

10. She’s going to go swimming .

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