Challenges Student’s book 2  p.106 Study Corner 10

Ex 1. What are you these sports and games?

1. You have to defend the king in this game . chess
2. The ball in this game is not round — it is oval . rugby
3. You hit the balls with a stick on a green table . billiard/pule
4. The long jump , discus and 100m are part of this sport . athletics

Ex 2. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in brackets .

5. He went into hospital for an operation .
6. He was a champion at the age of 17 ; it was a great achievement .
7. She was very ill but she made a very quick recovery .
8. You can get information quickly on the internet .
9. They had fireworks at the New Year celebration .
10. She showed great bravery when she rescued the boy from the river .

Ex 3. Use the cues to write questions .

11. Who won the World Cup last year?
12. What happened in the final?
13. How many goals you’re team scored in the final?
14. How many people watched the game?
15. Did you see the game?

Ex 4. Complete the sentences with the verbs in correct form — be going to or the Present Continuous .

16. I’ve decided . I’m going to get good results in my maths exam .
17. My sister is a bit overweight. She‘s going to start doing aerobics .
18. What are you doing on August the 15th? Would you like to come to a party?
19. I’ve decided that I‘m going to learn how to play the guitar in the holidays .
20. Are you going away at half-term?
21. My sister is bored with her job . She‘s going to look for a new one soon .
22. Let’s go to the cinema on Friday . What are you doing in the evening?
23. I‘m playing in the school basketball team on Saturday . The match starts at 11 o’clock .
24. My brother is going to work with computers when he leaves school .
25. I‘m not going to start smoking . It’s really bad for you .

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