A day without mobile phone

One day Ani went out for a walk. She was seventeen years old, blonde, blue-eyed. He had two phones. Ani had many girlfriends, they were the stars of social sites.They were posting new pictures on their pages every ten minutes and publishing stories.Ani wanted to be photographed under a tree, so she gave her phone to the passerby to paint herself under the tree.But the passerby picked up the phone and ran away.Ani could not reach the passer. He took the second phone from his bag to take his next picture.While she was photographing, a big dog approached her, and Ani ran away in fear. Because there was no other way he enter the forest.As he runs, he falls into a swamp.Somehow Ani got out of the swamp, but her phone remained in the swamp.As he looked around, he realized that he had gone astray.Twenty-four hours later he somehow came out of the woods.He had suffered a lot without a phone.Ani returned home when she opened the door was very surprised.Friends on his social site were there, and they brought a wreath.They thought her girlfriend had died because she had not posted a picture on social media for a day.

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