1.I haven’t watched TV for more than a week

I’ve seen this movie before.

This cinema has been showing the same films for weeks now.

If you’ve lost your ticket , you can’t come in.

You’ve been reading TV guide for an hour.Can I have a look now?

2.Chat show,

Game programme

Drama series

Sit com

Sports show

The news

3.DANNY-Ben it’s my turn to watch TV.

BEN-just give me twenty more minutes.

DANNY-but you’ve been watching TV for more then two hours.Your not even allowed to watch so much TV.Does mom know?

BEN-yes , she does.Anyway I’m almost finished

DANNY-yes but I want to watch the news and it starts in five minutes.

BEN-you can watch it later.I really need to see the end of this.

DANNY-what is that your watching anyway?

BEN- CrimeWave

DANNY-What,that American drama serials?

BEN-Yes,that’s the one.its the last episode in the series.I can’t miss it.I watched all the others. I want to know how it ends.

DANNY-I’ll tell you how it ends.The policeman’s the murderer. Now let me watch my show.

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