Homework. Workbook p. 7

Take this medicine and you’ll fell better in half an hour.

I always get sick when I travel by car.

Dad’s going to hospital to have an operation next week.

Can you phone the doctor and make an appointment for me?

Why don’t you see a doctor about your headaches?

You need to take more exercise to lose some weight.

1.Oh I hope you’ll get better soon
2. Hello I’d like to make an appointment with Dr. Hill.
3. He’s having an operation.
4. I think you need to see a doctor.
5. That dog needs to take some exercises.
6. I feel sick!

You should take more exercise.

You should better see doctor .

You need to loose some weight.

You should not eat so much.

You had to be careful.

You ought to join the gym.

1.I can’t do my homework

My advice is to put your phone in a different room and focus on doing homework.

2.I’m bored.

You can go for a walk, cuddle ,play with your pet, organize your closet, or you can just plan a party.

3.I haven’t got any money

4. I’m new at school and I don’t know anyone

You should try to talk to people on your own and ask them about themselves because people love to talk about them so you just have to ask them.

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