Homework students book p.14 all exercises, Workbook p. 10

1 Match sentences 1-5 with the tenses a-b and then complete the rules with the name of the tenses.

  1. I’m still sitting here writing this article.-present continuous
  2. i’ve also been trying to get fitter for four weeks.-present perfect continuous
  3. i’ve started going to the gym-present perfect
  4. i’m not feeling any fitter just a little unhappier -present continuous
  5. The brain sees the ‘future you as a different person to your ‘present you’ -present simple

2. Complete the text with the correct present tense forms of the verb .Sometimes more than 1 tense as possible.

It’s 2am and I’m lying in bed.I’m trying to get to sleep,but I can’t . I’m having trouble sleeping for about a month now. I’m trying different things to help me sleep but nothing is working. My mind doesn’t want to stop. A lot happening in my life right now. It’s exam time ,so I’m studying a lot. There’s also the question of next year. I’m thinking about it for ages. Mom and dad want me to go to University but I’m just not sure what to do.

3. Match the phrases with the definition.

  1. Make a resolution decide to make a positive change .
  2. give something up
  3. do well be successful
  4. struggling with something stop doing something that isn’t good for you.
  5. take something up start doing something that is good for you.
  6. Break a bad habit start a new hobby or interest
  7. form a good habit do things differently
  8. change your ways


What tense?wright PS PC PPS or PPC

  1. I haven’t decided what I want to do yet. PPC
  2. I always do my homework when I get home from school .
  3. Liam hasn’t been doing well at school for a few months .PPC
  4. My sister’s always talking on her phone .PC
  5. They’ve been thinking about buying a new house for more than a year now.PPC
  6. James forgotten to do his homework again .PPS
  7. Steve doesn’t want to go to university next year .PS
  8. it’s the last week of term so we’re not doing very much at school. PC

Complete the sentences with the words in the list

  1. No he’s not busy .he’s playing cards on the computer
  2. i’m writing my party invitations, who should I invite?
  3. Most people don’t wright just emails.
  4. i’ve been writing all morning ,my hands tired .
  5. my cousin usually plays tennis twice a day .he loves it
  6. I haven’t written to thank my aunt from my presents yet. I must do it tonight .
  7. We’ve play all of this games .have you got any others?
  8. She’s not very good at the piano.She hasn’t been playing for very long.

Complete the conversation use the present perfect simple continuous.

1.A You look tired Paula.
B I am.I haven’t slept very well lately.
2 A have you finished your homework?
B nearly.
3. A Where is Bob.
B I don’t know I haven’t seen him for a few hours.
4 A you’re dirty . What are you doing?
B helping Mum in the garden.

Complete the conversation with the roping brackets use present simple present continuous present perfect simple or present perfect continuous .

Jules. Have you seen Tara recently? I haven’t seen her for weeks.

Dan. No but she is texting me most days.

Jules. So what she does these days?

Dan. Well She’s been training really hard for the past month.

Jules. Training? For what?

Dan. She wants to be a professional footballer. Chelsea football club has invited her to train with them.She starts with them on Monday

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