30.11.20 Destination B1 Unit 11 (Passive 2), ex. A-E

A.Look at the picture and match to make sentences.

  1. The carnival lorry is being driven by a clown.
  2. The lorry has been decorated with lots of flowers.
  3. The gorilla has been given a banana by the pirate.
  4. Everyone watching is going to be given a balloon by the astronaut.
  5. The best song might be sung by the cowboy.
  6. Have the costumes been bought from a fancy-dress shop?

B. Look at the pictures again and circle the correct word

  1. The balloons had all blown up before the carnival started.
  2. The bananas aren’t all been eaten yet.
  3. The lorry isn’t being driven by the gorilla.
  4. Young boy has just taken a balloon from the astronaut .
  5. The price is going to be given to the person in the best fancy dress.
  6. The price might not be awarding to the clown .
  7. Is the lorry been decorated well .
  8. Can songs be song by people in the crowd ,too?

C. Complete using by or with.

  1. That book was written by my uncle .
  2. Are the best photos usually taken with digital cameras?
  3. that song has been sung by lots of famous singers.
  4. is your hair cut by a professional hairdresser.
  5. Shoot the paper because with a pair of scissors?
  6. all the candles has been late with the same match.
  7. The film isn’t going to be directed by Steven Spielberg after all .

D. Completed second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence right no more than four words.

  1. I think John has taken my jacket.-I think my jacket has been taken by John.
  2. you should cook the chicken for at least an hour -chicken should be cooked for at least an hour.
  3. they’re showing that film at the cinema in town -That film is being shown at the cinema in town.
  4. they hadn’t invited digital cameras when we took that photo -Digital cameras hadn’t been invented when the photo was taken.
  5. when I got there Carly was doing the ironing so I didn’t have to do it !-When I got that the ironing was being made by Carly.
  6. they were using hot soapy water to wash all the cars -Old cars were being washed with hot soapy water.

E. Read the text and answer the questions .Use the correct form of the passive .

  1. Does only one person to do housework in Lisa’s House ?-No, the homework is done by every member of family.
  2. 2Who cooks the food?-the food is cooked by father
  3. Who is going to help Lisa’s dad next weekend?-Lisas dad will be helped by Lisa.
  4. Who did all the shopping until about a year ago?-Until about a year ago the shopping was done by their mum.          
  5. Who did all the shopping since then?-Since then, most of the shopping is done by Lisa.
  6. Does Lisa take the shopping home from the supermarket?-No, it’s taken on the internet .
  7. How often does someone clean the bathroom?-It’s cleaned nearly every day.
  8. When might someone next clean the bathroom?-It  might be cleaned lately.
  9. How does Angelina sweep the floors?-The floors are swept with a really old brush.
  10. What does Lisa think Angelina should use?-Lisa thinks a vacuum cleaner should be used by Angelina.

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