Task 1 Put the verb into the correct form : present perfect (simple or continuous) or past simple.

1. Tom went to the cinema yesterday.

2. John is playing a game of tennis. He has been playing for 2 hours.

3. I booked the tickets two weeks ago for the concert of classical [music].

4. The teacher has been speaking English since the beginning of this lesson.

5. In your life, how many countries have you visited?

6. The bank opened a branch in the new shopping centre last month.

7. The bus is late and Julie is cold. She has been waiting for the bus for 10 minutes.

8. Caroline worked here between 2001 and 2006.

9. Before boarding, John bought a book to read during the flight.

10. So far today, I have learnt several new words in English.

Task 2 Choose the correct phrasal verbs to complete these sentences.

1.If you make a mistake, keep calm and …. Do not panic.

  1. Call for
  2. Come on
  3. Bring up
  4. Carry on

2.I’ll …..after work., I have booked a table.

  1. be over
  2. come on
  3. call for

3. I’m glad that the quarantine…. now

  1. is over
  2. breaks down
  3. carries on
  4. checks out

4. Nobody knows why they …… They seemed in love and perfect for each other.

  1. broke down
  2. broke up
  3. brought up
  4. check out

Task 3 Complete the sentences with the correct form of ‘used’ and the verb in brackets.

Ex: 1) Tom______________ (take) the bus, now he walks.  → Tom used to take the bus …

2) Sue hates computers.  She isn’t  ___________them. → She isn’t  used to them.

1.My grandmother used to write by hand. Now she uses a computer.
2. Bob is very busy in his new job.  He didn’t use to be so busy.
3. I’ve just got my first job.  Now I’ll have to get used to working regular hours.
4. Driving is difficult for Tom in England.  He   isn’t used to driving on the left..
5. When Peter was young, he used to ride a bicycle to school.
6. Asian people often find our food tasteless.  They are used to eating spicy food.
7. Computers used to be very expensive.  Now the prices have dropped.
8. English is used a lot in business.  Weare used to speaking it at meetings.
9. During my childhood, I used to spend lot of time with my grandparents.
10.Maria thought that she would never get used to living in New York.

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