Task 1 Put the verb into the correct form : present perfect (simple or continuous) or past simple .

1. Tom (go) went to the cinema yesterday .
2. John is playing a game of tennis . He (play) has been playing for 2 hours .
3. I (book) booked the tickets two weeks ago for the concert in Vienna .
4. The teacher (speak) has been speaking English since the beginning of this lesson .
5. In your life , how many countries (you-visit) have you ever visited ?
6. The Bank (open) opened a branch in the new shopping centre last month .
7. The bus is late and Julie is cold . She (wait) has been waiting for 10 minutes .
8. Caroline (work) worked here between 2003 and 2006 .
9. Before boarding , John (buy) bought a book to

read during the flight .
10. So far today , I (learn) was learnt several new words in English .

Task 2 Choose the correct phrasal verbs to complete these sentences .

1. If you make a mistake , keep calm and …. Do not panic .

  1. call for
  2. come on
  3. bring up
  4. carry on

2. I’ll ….. after work , I have booked a table .

  1. be over
  2. come on
  3. call for

3. I’m glad that the quarantine …. now .

  1. is over
  2. breaks down
  3. carries on
  4. checks out

4. Nobody knows why they …… They seemed in love and perfect for each other .

  1. broke down
  2. broke up
  3. brought up
  4. check out

Task 3 Complete the sentences with the correct form of ‘used’ and the verb in brackets .

Ex: 1) Tom______________ (take) the bus, now he walks .  → Tom used to take the bus …
2) Sue hates computers . She isn’t  ___________ them . → She isn’t  used to them .

1. My grandmother used to write (write) by hand . Now she uses a computer .
2. Bob is very busy in his new job . He didn’t used to be (not be) so busy .
3. I’ve just got my first job . Now I’ll have to get used to working (work) regular hours .
4. Driving is difficult for Tom in England . He isn’t used to driving (drive) on the left .
5. When Peter was young , he used to ride (ride) a bicycle to school .
6. Asian people often find our food tasteless . They are used to eating (eat) spicy food .
7. Computers used to be (be) very expensive . Now the prices have dropped .
8. English is used a lot in business . We are used to speaking (speak) it at meetings .
9. During my childhood , I used to spend (spend) a lot of time with my grandparents .
10. Maria thought that she would never get used to living (live) in New York .

Task 4. Complete the following sentences with the correct preposition .

1. I asked my neighbour to look after my cat when I went to London .
2. All books are provided by the school . Pupils don’t have to pay for them .
3. The meeting is on September 15th at 9 a.m .
4. If you’re interested in working overseas , you should apply for that job .
5. London is a big city , but it’s very different from New York .
6. My boss got angry with me when I arrived late for the second time .
7. I’m not familiar with this machine . Could you explain to me how it works?
8. She wrote the text in Japanese , then translated it to English .
9. He left the house , got into his car and drove away .
10. Due to bad weather conditions , the plane couldn’t take off on time .
11. She was embarrassed by the way people were staring at her . 
12. They apologized to the host for arriving late .
13. The authorities talked about the need for better education in developing countries .
14. In my opinion , you should wait for confirmation before making a decision .
15. Students often have a problem with English prepositions

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