October 14-18(Lesson 2)

Present Perfect Tenses – Exercise 3
Complete with the present perfect simple or the present perfect progressive.

  1. It has been raining all day. (rain)
  2. How long have you been waiting for me? (you wait)
  3. I have known my girlfriend for two months. (know)
  4. I have done my homework. Now I can go out. (do)
  5. I have been doing my homework for three hours. (do)
  6. What has she been doing all afternoon (she do)? She has been reading that book you lent her, but she has not finished it yet. (read / not finish)
  7. Amanda is a famous film star. She has made about ten films. (make)
  8. What countries have you already visited ? (you already visit)
  9. Mike has had a cold since last Thursday. (have)
  10. I’m tired. I have been working very hard today. (work)
  11. Susan has tried to reach you by phone several times. (try)
    12.He has never danced with Kate. (never dance)
  12. Someone has eaten my chocolate. (eat)
  13. How long has she been working as a lawyer? (she work)
  14. We have been living here for eight years. (live)
    Present Perfect Tenses – Exercise 4
    Complete with the present perfect simple or the present perfect progressive.
  15. We have been playing basketball for the last few hours. (play)
  16. She has never lived in Berlin. (never live)
  17. There have been a lot of earthquakes in California. (be)
  18. It has been raining hard since yesterday evening. (rain)
  19. They have already planned a birthday party for her. (already plan)
  20. The department store is still closed. It has not opened yet. (not open)
  21. They have been living in Boston since they arrived in the USA ten years ago. (live)
  22. Have you been working on anything interesting lately? (you work)
  23. His company has made a lot of money in the last years. (make)
  24. I left her a message but she has not called me back yet. (not call)
  25. My wife is exhausted because she has been working too hard all day. (work)
  26. How many times Have you taken this exam? (you take)
  27. The actress has deserved this award for a long time. (deserve)
  28. Amanda has been learning Italian for more than three years. (learn)
  29. How long has she studied French? (she study)
    Present Perfect Tenses – Exercise 5
    Fill in the present perfect simple or the present perfect progressive.
  30. They have been repairing the car since three o’ clock and they have not finished yet. (repair / not finish)
  31. He has already arrived at the airport. (already arrive)
  32. How long has he been waiting for Linda? (he wait)
  33. Have you bought all the presents yet? (you buy)
  34. He has just passed the driving test. (just pass)
  35. They have been playing cards all day. (play)
  36. She has never met him before. (never meet)
  37. She has not seen her since Friday. (not see)
  38. We have been learning English since 5 years. (learn)
  39. They have been looking for him all day but they have not found him yet. (look / not find)
  40. Fred and Jim have been learning for their exam all day. (learn)
  41. The girls have been swimming in the pool for two hours. (swim)
    Exercise on Present Perfect Simple

Put the verbs into the correct form (present perfect simple).

I have not worked today.
We have bought a new lamp.
We have not planned our holiday yet.
Where have you been ?
He has written five letters.
She has not seen him for a long time.
Have you been at school?
School has not started yet.
Has he spoken to his boss?
No, he has not had the time yet.

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