Unit 1:present simple,present continuous,stative verbs:exercise B,C,D,E,F.

Gordon?I think he writing a letter at the moment.

Yes,the match is on TV now,but we’re losing.

Right now, Margaret is having a shower.Do you want to ring latter?

Sally is staying with her aunt for a few days.

I am not lying! It’s true !I did see Madonna is at the supermarket.

John is always using my bike !it’s so annoying.

We’re having lunch but I can come around and help you later.

Are you playing music up there ?it’s really noisy!

Do the top musicians study for many years .

What’s going on ?i hope you didn’t touch my things!

It’s a small business,so each person does lots of different jobs.

Is Christine listening to the radio , or is that the TV I can hear.

I usually buy a special ticket each week for the bus because it’s cheaper .

Our washing machine starts when you press this button .

How’s the match going?Is our team winning?

Many people enjoy spending time on the beach on holiday.

I am working at the local library for the summer.

We don’t go to the theater very often.

Stacy is getting ready for school,so she can’t come to the phone .

Does Gary ever talk about his expedition to the amazon jungle?

In squash, you hit a ball against the wall .

I read a news paper at least once a week .

Do you practice the piano for two hours every day?

Nadine and Claire are doing quite well at school at the moment .

A good friend knows when you’re upset about something .

How do you spell your name .

In Monopoly you are moving around the board, buying houses and hotels.

Are you watching this programme or can I turn the TV off?

Regular exercise helps you to stay healthy .

Im using my brothers guitar until I get a new one.

Does Simon always do the washing-up after lunch?

Do you have any sweaters in a large size.

You aren’t holding the kite right.Let me show you.

Dad belongs to the local astronomic club

The game that I’m starting to love is backgammon.You throw the dice and move your pieces around the board. It seems quite easy but in fact you need to be quite careful. When your piece lands on another person’s s piece, you have to take it off the board and go back to the beginning.You win by getting all of your pieces to the lest spot on the board.Some people prefer playing Chess, but I don’t understand that game.Right now I’m waiting to play a game with my brother.He is doing he’s homework. Since I usually win though, I think he might not want to play with me.

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