Assignments for 10.10.2022
504 Essential words Lesson 1 slide 7/ revise the words/ do the ex-es / slide 8 Fill in the Blanks/ Word Detective/ read the text slide 7 My brother, the Gentleman be ready to discuss in class
NEF Student’s Book slide 56 What do you remember?
NEF Student’s Book Reading slide 57 Burglar caught by clever cartoonist

504 Essential words Lesson 1 slide 7/ revise the words/ do the ex-es / slide 8 Fill in the Blanks/ Word Detective

  • hardship
  • qualify
  • tact
  • bachelor
  • keen
  • abandon
  • unaccustomed
  • jealous
  • oath
  • data
  • gallant
  • vacant

Fall in the Blanks
Place one of the new words in each of the blanks below.

  1. As I looked at all the data the salesman showed me, I knew that I was getting more and more
    mixed up.
  2. I used tact when I told my fat uncle that his extra weight made him look better.
  3. When the guard saw that the cot was vacant, he realized that the prisoner had left the jail.
  4. Although he took an oath on the Bible, Sal lied to the jury.
  5. My aunt was so jealous of our new couch that she bought one just like it.
  6. I enjoyed reading the story of the gallant man who put his cloak over a mud puddle so that the
    queen would not dirty her feet.
  7. The loss of Claudia’s eyesight was a hardshuip which she learned to live with.
  8. The driver was forced to abandon his car when two of the tires became flat.
  9. Betty could not qualify for the Miss Teenage America Contest because she was twenty years old.
  10. The blade was so keen that I cut myself in four places while shaving.
  11. Unaccustamed to being kept waiting, the angry woman marched out of the store.
  12. Because he was a bahelor , the movie actor was invited to many parties.

Word Detective
From the list of 12 new words that follows, choose the one that corresponds to each definition below.




  1. a promise that something is true-oath
  2. sharp; eager; intense-keen
  3. to desert; to leave without planning to come back-abandon
  4. something that is hard to bear-hardship
  5. to become fit-qualify
  6. wanting what someone else has-jealious
  7. brave; showing respect for women-gallant
  8. a man who has not married-bachelor
  9. facts; information-data
  10. the ability to say the right thing-tact
  11. empty; not filled-vacant
  12. not used to something-unaccuctomed

NEF Student’s Book slide 56 What do you remember?

  1. Was being
  2. Probably be not found
  3. To be
  4. Said that
  5. Won’t be coming
  1. Will be lying
  2. Will have already started
  3. Lands
  4. Drink
  5. Finish

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